Expert & Researcher

Become an Expert

We invite you to participate as an expert in one of different Research areas of Global Research Review. The aim of this initiative is to recognize experts’ opinions on needs, barriers and relevant solutions in applied Research areas.

We realize that the professionals we are approaching are extremely busy in their respective fields, but because of the important input you can bring to the scientific research we hope that you will agree to participate in our scientific Review.

Become a Researcher

The Global Research Review offers the opportunity to young Master degree students and Ph.D students, to publish articles and meet other students/professors to establish contact and collaborations with other researchers. Also, GRR invite you to prepare and attend international conferences and seminars.

In Global Research Review, we encourage researchers to boost their scientific career by offering to work in large research topics that will lead to making a good research contribution.

If you have interests to be an Expert or Researcher for the GRR, you could send your CV at: .

Please download the following CV template for reference, if you do not have a CV (written in English) in hand. Download CV template (Word)