GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW <p align="justify"><span lang="en-US">The Global Research Review, was launched in 2021 as the first Review in the Research Area, edited by the Leaders Club (LC). At </span><span lang="en-US"><em>Global Research Review</em></span><span lang="en-US">, We believe in the positive impact that scientific research can make for the socioeconomic development of society and countries. If we participate in disseminating and promoting scientific research at all levels of our society, offering the possibility of making the voice of researchers and professional experts heard, we believe that it will be beneficial for all of us (researchers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and experts).</span></p> LEADERS CLUB en-US GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW 2737-8551 DISTINGUISHING THE ROLE OF SUFI SAINTS IN COMMUNITY RESILIENCE TO VIOLENT EXTREMISM IN SINDH <p>This study explores the unique tradition and practice of Sufism in Sindh. The study is enriched with the qualitative data of the participants (twenty in total) having thorough expertise on the subject-matter of the Sufism of Sindh. It explores the distinguishing role of the sufi saints in Community Resilience to violent extremism in Sindh. The thematic analysis technique was applied to highlight the findings of the research. The Sufism of Sindh is very unique, homogenous, all-inclusive and universal in its characteristics. The teachings of Bhittae, Sachal and Qalandar are instrumental learning for the common people from various communities.</p> <p>The Music, kalam, rhythm and dance are the key medium of the sufi saints having healing spiritual powers for followers. There is increasing role of Academia, Media, Culture, Aukaf and Embassies to popularize the peace and resilient message of the sufi saints of Sindh who built strong ideological walls for communities fighting against violent extremism. It is high time to strengthen and promote the unique message of these Sufis of Sindh locally, nationally and globally so that peace goals of world communities can be successfully achieved.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Nabi Bakhsh Narejo Abdul Hameed Mahesar Copyright (c) 2021 GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW 2021-10-27 2021-10-27 1 3 LES DÉTERMINANTS EXPLICATIFS DE LA DÉFAILLANCE DES ENTREPRISES MAROCAINES <p style="text-align: justify;">Les travaux de recherche portant sur les défaillances des entreprises ont tous abouti à la même conclusion : les entreprises défaillantes se caractérisent par une situation financière instable. Ils considèrent que toute cause menant à la défaillance peut s’incarner dans les états comptables et que l’examen de ces états est suffisant pour épuiser tous les facteurs conduisant à la défaillance.En effet, la notion de défaillance revêt une diversité assez large des terminologies qui permettent de qualifier une entreprise de défaillante. Cette diversité s’explique par le fait que la défaillance est la résultante de plusieurs causes qu’on pourrait classer en deux catégories, des causes micro-économiques dont l’origine est interne à l’entreprise, notamment les différents aspects de l’organisation et des causes macro-économiques liées à la conjoncture économique sectorielle nationale.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Généralement, la défaillance est définie comme l’incapacité d’une entreprise à honorer ses engagements financiers. Elle constitue souvent la première crise grave qui vient mettre en péril son existence. La cessation des paiements, ou pour utiliser la terminologie de la loi « n’être pas en mesure de payer à l’échéance ses dettes exigibles », est l’événement qui ouvre la procédure de défaillance.Ainsi, l’analyse des informations comptables et financières permet d’apprécier l’évolution de l’activité de l’entreprise par l’analyse des déterminants qui expliquent le phénomène de la défaillance dans le volet financier, organisationnel, économique et managérial.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;</p> Siham Lotfi Hicham Mesk Copyright (c) 2021 GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW 2021-10-27 2021-10-27 1 3 Hybrid Microgrid Load Flow Management using Model Predictive Control <p style="text-align: justify;">The intermittence of the renewable energy resources coupled with the declining fossil fuel reserves have led to the development of hybrid AC/DC microgrids that not only elevate the benefits of each subsystem, but also curtails the deficiencies of the subsystems. Hence there is a pressing need to explore hybrid microgrid with the help of advanced controllers and techniques to increase the reliability and efficiency of the system. In this paper, we have employed Model Predictive Control (MPC) to control the output of the generators and meet the requirements of the grid with residential, industrial and highly integrated electric vehicle load. The hybrid microgrid system, taken under study, comprises PV system, Wind generator and diesel generator. The capability of the MPC will be observed for a 12-hour duration, with events of the charging/discharging of the electric vehicles and variations in the generated power due to uncertainty in the levels of irradiance and wind speed.</p> Fawad Azeem Ali Mujtaba Saad Farooq Mouhyuddin Aizaz Copyright (c) 2021 GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW 2021-10-27 2021-10-27 1 3 Developing Insaniah Model of the at-Risk Youth into Agripreneur in Selected Vocational Colleges in Malaysia: A Systematic Literature Review <p style="text-align: justify;">At-risk youths in this paper are students selected from troubled family backgrounds with low-income, and who may also often youth of abusive parents, and drug addicts. They appear to have low literacy as studies had cited an increase of involvement in gangs, which resulted in poor grades, absenteeism and drug abuse. The crime made by youth is the participation of illegal activities and form part of the issues. At such, building a value of Islamic lifestyle system is to position youth’s a role in the society is critical to address problems among at-risk youth.&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The paper aims to offer a new set of an insaniah of Islam as a model for inclusivity of the at-risk youth that are currently studying at selected agriculture vocational colleges (TVET) in Malaysia by developing them with new skillsets in sustainable agriculture. In preparing at-risk youth in this category, the model may challenge the assumptions of how the contemporary education brings about a change to embrace Islam values with new opportunity in life and equipped them with agripreneurship education.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The systematic literature review is employed in this paper among selected publications; Emerald Insights, Proquest Dissertation, Spingerlink, Research Gate, Google Scholar, Sage Pub, Science and Direct Pro Quest which have produced 1,499 results from 2000 until 2019. Most of the empirical studies are based on quantitative research methods. The outcome offers a systematic analysis from research evidence on aspirational agriculture and the&nbsp; learning-by-doing in entrepreneurship education, numbers of areas that need further study. Lack of research had focused on insaniah value and learning-by-doing associating at-risk youth venture into agriculture as a career pathways.</p> Nurul Azreen Binti Salleh Raja Suzana Binti Raja Kasim Copyright (c) 2021 GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW 2021-10-27 2021-10-27 1 3 THREATENING AVIATION SAFETY: CASE OF STUDY FROM THE RYANAIR FLIGHT 4978 INCIDENT <p style="text-align: justify;">A recent diversion of the Irish Carrier Ryanair (flying from Athens to Vilnius) to Minsk on the false pretext of a bomb threat and the arrest of a dissident journalist Roman Protasevich and his Russian girlfriend, Sofia Sapega who were onboard has created a spur among the international community for multitude of reasons. Firstly, even though incidents of interception have occurred in the past, the current one is unprecedented, and secondly, apart from endangering aviation safety, the incident sheds light on the lack of basic human rights in Belarus and the extent to which the current regime in Belarus condemns independent media. <br>Additionally, the incident escalates as one of the biggest spurts in East-West tensions in the recent years with sanctions by the US and EU over Belarus on one hand and Russia’s relentless support to the regime on the other. Despite avoidance of a country’s airspace due to conflicts or political considerations is not novel, the recent incident has brought to light the weaknesses ofinternational aviation law in general as well as the insufficiency of the regulatory mechanism pertaining to aviation safety. <br>Undertaking a doctrinal approach to bring to light the legal issues surrounding the diversion of the aircraft, this paper vide a legal analysis of statutory framework regulating airspace, identify violations that may have occurred and attempt to substantially affix responsibilities for such violations. In such attempt at affixation, the paper brings to light gaps in the statutory framework regulating aerial activities &amp; air space, and highlight what would entail thereafter through an impact based analysis. In light of the analysis, the paper finally presents a specific road ahead, vide suggestions to bring about changes in the Montreal and Chicago Conventions, and better executive action of the International Civil Aviation Organization (hereinafter “ICAO”) so as to bring about effective enforcement of the aforementioned primary laws and strengthening the process of such execution.</p> Tejas Sateesha Hinder Pooja V Copyright (c) 2021 GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW 2021-10-27 2021-10-27 1 3 CONCENTRATION OF HYDROCARBON IN WATER AND SEDIMENT IN SUEZ BAY, EGYPT <p style="text-align: justify;">Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) were analyzed in water and sediment collected from some hot spots suffered from discharges of PAHs from many sources in Suez city like refineries, petroleum dock. PAHs were analyzed in water and sediment samples collected from six stations in Suez Bay during winter and summer 2019 by gas chromatography. In water total PAHs concentration ranged from 70.21 ng/L to 316.50 ng/L in winter and from 193.98 ng/L to 3210.0 ng/L in summer season while sediment samples ranged between 73.064 ng/g 3532 ng/g and from 77.97 ng/g to 12887.84 ng/g in winter and summer, respectively.</p> Khalil A.G Temraz T.A Mohamed S. Z Mohamedein L. I Copyright (c) 2021 GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW 2021-10-27 2021-10-27 1 3